Nathan Scot Wells  - Author ~ Musician ~ Philanthropist
New Horizons
January 2016 has brought some of the biggest news since the initial launch of NWells Media. 

First, the news of a third book broke. It will be the first comedy piece to be published by Wells that is based on his own life. The book is expected to be released in late 2016. 

Secondly, it was announced that Nathan's original album will be removed from the brand to make way for various new projects. 

Finally, the biggest news of all came on January 14. After promises from Nathan since December 2015 of the biggest news ever, it was finally revealed. Nathan is launching a clinic in Nicaragua for an under privileged community. Services will range from free to low cost based off of the particular case. An initial goal of $100,000 has been set to launch this facility. More information can be found on The Philantropist page.

For Now,
The NWells Media Team

By: Nathan Scot Wells
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