Nathan Scot Wells  - Author ~ Musician ~ Philanthropist
The Author
"The author does not create the story...The story creates the author!" ~Nathan Scot Wells

Nathan Wells is a native of East Tennessee. He has lived the majority of his life in Lenoir City, with a short time in Charleston, SC. In his childhood, he spent his life bettering his community in various organizations. His most personal work included animal welfare and fighting against youth obesity in Tennessee. He is a passionate worker in educating youth about the dangers of obesity, anorexia, drugs, alcohol state wide.

In his grade school career, he was actively involved in many youth development organizations including Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA), Future Farmers of America (FFA), Rescue the Animals Organization (RATO), and 4-H.

Wells now works at a local medical practice while he is working towards finishing his double bachelor major in pre-medicine and psychology in the 2016 year. He later plans to attend Medical School. His medical career has spanned from phlebotomy, family care, and emergency medicine.
Nathan now tells his story to all willing to listen. His personal belief is that his greatest accomplishment was surviving his 189 day headache.
Am I The Enemy
On October 15, 2011, Wells, released his first book. A 306 page non-fiction story,  detailing his struggle for an answer to understanding a vicious illness that included multiple symptoms and a severe single headache that lasted a continuous 189 days. The sales remained steady for Am I the Enemy for nearly a year until the book went on iTunes where sales soared overnight. More information can be found on The eBook version can be purchased on iTunes (iBooks), B&N (Nook), and Amazon (Kindle) to date. Print copies may be purchased by following the bottom link.
Memoirs of the Stars
(Released: December 20th, 2013) 
Young Jason Richards is a graduating high school student from Kansas with plans to attend college majoring in Pre-law in Oklahoma with his fiancé  Michelle. However, his plans are turned around when Michelle discovers she is expecting. After making arrangements to continue school together even with a child on the way; things turn unbelievably hectic when Jason is left to be a single parent. Working to continue his education to provide a better life for his son, Jason, finds help and comfort from his family and friends. 

The eBook version of Memoirs of the Stars is available here.

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