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Current Project:

Operation: New Horizons

In January 2016, Nathan announced what he describes as the biggest project he has ever embarked on. He describes it as a vision that came from a dream he had in the middle of the night. A dream, that was more vivid than any other. A medical clinic in the middle of Nicaragua offering free to very low cost services to the community. While it could serve the people with things as basic as family and prenatal care. It could be equipt to even handle a trauma situation or being a place for women to give birth in a clean environment, One of the neatest features is, attached to the clinic will be a living space for live in and short term missionaries to stay verses a hotel. He describes this feature as being a way for the medical professionals to be able to address any medical emergency at any time, Finally he stated, he will be moving to the clinic for at least several months to get things going, 

Wells has said there are many more updates about this project to come. However, here are the key things he stressed need to be done at this point. 

A. He has set an initial goal of $100,000 to be raised to find the building and prep of the clinic. 

B. He will be looking for volunteers with significant building and electrical experience to volunteer their time and services to ready the building. 

C. He is encouraging everyone spread the word with everyone they know. 

You can submit donations with this link. Also, all fund from sales on this site go toward the mission. Or buy visiting our GoFundMe page.

Past Projects:

Operation: Beat Superstorm Sandy

Since the release of Am I the Enemy in 2011; we have chose a different charity every month to donate a portion of our book proceeds to. This month, however, will be different. The end our October brought one of the most devastating storms in history to our country. Since then many organizations have been using all sources they have to help with the relief effort. I have partnered with actress Kirstie Alley, and we have began filling transfer trucks with goods to send to the storm torn area. Items needed desperately are blankets, food, water, pet supplies, clothes, batteries, etc. 

I'm proud to say we actually had the opportunity to go and see a truck load delivered first hand on November 10th, 2012 to the Staten Island and Jersey Shore areas. It was an amazing experience and we were truly blessed with thousands of items to take to give to those in need! 

Click on each of the photos below for further information on this project! 

Thank You and God Bless,

Nathan Scot Wells

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